Why Good Posture Matters!

Maintaining good posture can become more challenging as you age. This can be due to tightness and weakness of muscles that stabilize the spine.

Poor posture can also lead to other health concerns including:
-Increased risk of falls
-Decreased ability to properly swallow, chew and breath
-Increased pain and other joint problems throughout the body

Physical therapy can assist by improving posture with stability exercises, stretching and increasing self awareness.  Contact Drayer Physical Therapy for more information on how you can improve your posture!

Misconceptions of Planning Your Funeral in Advance

The Golden Connections Community Center is excited to welcome our newest senior center sponsor – Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service Inc.

They have provided this wonderful article on misconceptions of planning your funeral in advance.  We couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Make Your Next Move With Confidence

If you are considering your next steps as a home owner please don’t hesitate to reach out to Melissa Ruffing, real estate agent. She is a senior center sponsor and is a Senior Real Estate Specialist who can help you make informed decisions on all of your housing needs.