Exercise Classes


Strengthen and tone your body with a high-energy aerobic workout for overall health and fitness. This program teaches you a simple series of rapid power moves that you can use to get healthy.


Every second and fourth Monday, members of the center travel to the Red Lion Bowling Center to enjoy a few games of bowling. Participants may travel on their own from the center or transportation can be provided.

CBS Class

CBS Class is an exercise program that focuses on cardio conditioning, balance improvement, and strength training.

Healthy Steps in Motion

Healthy Steps in Motion is an ongoing exercise program and take-home exercise “calendar.” It is part of the Pennsylvania Healthy Steps for Older Adults Program, a fall-prevention and physical activity program developed with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, and implemented throughout Pennsylvania.

I Can Challenge

Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease and don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve been fighting one or both of these conditions for years and have tried to improve your health but haven’t been successful. Either way, following our Challenge will give you the direction and the support you need to make it work. You can do it!!

Stepping into Fun

Any activity that gets your heart pumping provides a cardio workout. Cardio is the key to strengthening your heart and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. That is what Stepping into Fun is all about! Even more, it is great fun. Be sure to try out this new class, held every Wednesday at 9 a.m.