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Stop Hunger and Isolation here.

By giving a donation to the center, you can help. Our deliveries increased by 42% last year but our budget did not.

The Golden Connection Community Center’s (GCCC) purpose is to provide a place where people who, regardless of age, ethnicity or status, can find relationships that support and help them to lead independent and purposeful lives. Persons from every walk of life come together to offer their time and service with a common goal of improving the quality of life to those they touch.

When our members cross the threshold, they are entering their home away from home. All of our dedicated staff and volunteers know the members, care for the members, and express their concern for each member in so many different ways. These are things you cannot always quantify or put a price on, but it is what makes GCCC not only unique but a VITAL resource in the York County community.

As many of you know, we have provided programs and services to seniors and their families for over 35 years. Our senior center which serves active, independent older adults continues to offer an expanded number of programs to serve our membership. From seminars on legal issues and stress management to Tai Chi, ballroom dancing, and health & wellness fairs, there is so much for seniors to take part in.

In order to continue to provide the quality programming that our seniors need and deserve we need your help. Please consider a donation to our senior center. Your donation will go a long way in helping us build and sustain the infrastructure that supports the recreational, educational, health, human and social services that we provide. By supporting our services you are enriching the lives of older adults and ensuring that they remain an active and vital force within our community.

Getting older is something we must all face, whether with our parents, siblings, aunts & uncles, or ourselves. A community cannot be without programs, services and resources that help improve the quality of life for its seniors.

Whatever support you can give the GCCC is deeply appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible. We assure you that your donation will help us create a safe and friendly place where our older residents can remain vital, healthy, and independent.